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Welkom bij Stadsavonturen.
Stadsavonturen (City-adventures) presents the best of Utrecht. Together with a team of professional narrators, musicians and theatre makers, Stadsavonturen has been active in the development of her present productions since 1999. Starting point for all our activities is the city of Utrecht itself. With its many historical canals, wharf cellars, myths & legends, our productions will turn a visit to Utrecht into a memorable experience. ANCIENT TALES Get a taste of Dutch Heritage! You're right in the middle of it?

Producer City Adventures is a producer of theatre and trips based on the cultural inheritance of cities and regions. PURE CULTURE AND EASY TO DIGEST The public and the surroundings are part of the theatreproduction, turning the performance into a real adventure! Together with storytellers, musicians, actors, dance groups, choirs, fire spitters and jugglers, we produce theater performances on our own initiative and on request. Organizer City adventures are well organized from the beginning to the end. We offer an extensive service: invitations, route descriptions, flowers, transportation, parking tickets, hostesses, overnight stays and visits to museums. We're happy to organize anything that will make your party totally at ease. Questions or suggestions Do you want to know more about our activities? Do you have ideas for a tailor made city adventure? Feel free to contact us.

Fully Arranged Programs Right after your city adventure, the old city center offers you a choice from one of her five most attractive establishments. These are: 'Grand Hotel Karel V Utrecht', grand café/restaurant 'Polman's', theater café/restaurant 'Filemon & Baucis', café/restaurant 'Lofen' en burgundian eating-house 'Tantes Bistro'. There you'll be able to enjoy the exquisite Utrecht cuisine.
bedrijfsuitjes Utrecht
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Bedrijfsuitjes in heel het land
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